2022 Makoti Medical Scheme

Product Launch


2022 Product Launch

Welcome to the official 2022 Makoti Medical Scheme product launch website, where you can find out more about the excellent products and benefits Makoti is offering for the year ahead.

Why Makoti?

Makoti has a proud tradition of providing affordable access to healthcare that enriches the lives of our members. In our 45-year history, the scheme has stayed true to its ultimate objective of ensuring unlimited, clinically appropriate private primary healthcare benefits to promote wellness and prevent illness, wherever possible. At the same time, we remain one of the most financially robust schemes on the market, displaying continued growth and sustainability in the communities that we serve.

A well managed scheme

Makoti may be one of the smaller schemes on the market but it is also one of the best managed, and one of the few schemes to experience growth this past year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme boasts a healthy solvency ratio of 60% – far in excess of the Council for Medical Schemes’ required minimum of 25%. Makoti has a young average age of only 32 years and a pensioner ratio of less than 1%, translating to a favourable claims-to-loss ratio.


The scheme offers two options – the Primary and Comprehensive options. Both options include unlimited private primary healthcare cover through one of the largest national networks of 12 000 general practitioners. Cover for acute, over-the-counter and chronic medication is included, as well as optometry and basic dentistry. The Comprehensive option provides cover for specialised dentistry and access to specialist consultations, private hospitalisation cover as well as cover for maternity benefits in private hospitals. An important and exceptional feature of the scheme is that members never have to fund any co-payments.

A trusted name in healthcare

Some of the biggest brands in South Africa place their trust in Makoti, including Nissan, RCL Foods, Volvo, PG Bison, Mintek, Group 5 Construction and Vector Logistics to name a few.

Members come first

The team behind the scheme is passionate about providing personal attention to each and every one of our valued members. While we make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible, we remain totally committed to the care and wellbeing of those who place their trust in us.

Want to know more about Makoti Medical Scheme?

Visit the Makoti website.

Download the Makoti brochure.

Accreditation happens!

Complete your online broker accreditation assessment here.

Competition time!

Stand a chance to win a Takealot voucher to the value of R1 000 by answering a super easy question.

Entries close on 20 October at 13H00.

Platinum Broker Awards

Makoti would like to take this opportunity to thank all our brokers for their continued support throughout this challenging year. Your ongoing commitment in these difficult times is truly remarkable, and for this we salute you.

The Platinum Broker Awards are held annually in recognition of our top performing brokers. The evaluation criteria for the 2021 Platinum Awards were based on the organic growth achieved through this past year with Makoti.

We are pleased to announce that the Platinum Broker Award for Makoti goes to Grant Crompton from Leap. Congratulations Grant, on this well-deserved award.

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