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Welcome to the official 2020 Universal Product Launch Site, featuring CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme, the Building and Construction Industry Medical Aid Fund, Makoti Medical Scheme & the Universal range of products and services.

Universal Healthcare

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We’re more than just another healthcare company. We’re proud to be one of South Africa’s fastest growing healthcare brands, prioritising the health and happiness of over 10 million people – from partners, to practitioners to patients – bringing you care you can truly count on.

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Exceptional Service. Extraordinary Solutions.

Universal prides itself on exceptional service levels and healthcare solution offerings that have become a benchmark in the industry.

Our solutions are specially structured to give our clients a true 360˚ healthcare management solution. We achieve this through innovative product design and the latest risk management tools, which are supported by advanced, next-generation information systems and technology.

By integrating highly advanced technology with the latest risk management tools, we’ve been able to maintain our position as a leading healthcare solutions provider across all the markets that we serve.

Healthcare With Heart

Our client-centric, results-driven approach is core to the way we do business. We combine the power of knowledgeable, competent and experienced people; robust and streamlined processes; and scalable, proven systems to deliver exceptional healthcare management services. Our high-touch, forward-thinking approach makes it both easy and pleasant for clients to interact with us.

At Universal, our passion is people and their health is our purpose. We are committed to help people who are ill to get better, to encourage those who are well to live healthier lives and to support healthcare professionals in providing evidence-based medicine with a caring approach. We’re driven to deliver the highest quality, scientifically justifiable, cost-effective healthcare solutions, utilising evidence-based protocols and technology-enabled solutions to the stakeholders we serve.

Custom-built benefits for the Building and Construction Industry.

BCIMA pride’s itself on providing affordable and innovative healthcare solutions for employers and their employees in the building and construction industry. Generous benefits and below-average annual contribution increases makes BCIMA the scheme of choice for this industry.

This value-for-money fund is more affordable than the average medical scheme. Even though BCIMA is granted BCIMA exemption in respect of the provision of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) the Fund continues to pay for PMB treatments in line with its annual limits. BCIMA’s single rate contributions means all registered dependants have access to cover. Membership numbers are retained for life and the Fund can be joined for specific contract periods. Members also have total freedom to choose any service provider as no network restrictions apply. 

All of this and more makes BCIMA a solid healthcare foundation for the Building and Construction Industry.

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The Universal Offering

Core to our value offering is our effective management of the medical schemes under administration and care management focusing on the considerable attention we place on ensuring the wellbeing of the lives we touch.

Over and above the medical scheme administration and managed care services, Universal boasts a broad range of service offerings, such as health insurance products, occupational health, workplace wellness services and much more.

More benefits at affordable prices.

Makoti Medical Scheme was developed to serve a very important purpose – to bring affordable, but high-quality medical care to people who might not have had access to it otherwise, specifically in the transport, motor manufacturing and in the hospitality industries. It offers unlimited general practitioner consultations, freedom in choosing a healthcare service provider and offers generous acute medicine benefits.  Makoti is passionate about providing personal attention to each and every one of our valued members. We are completely committed to caring for their wellbeing, while making quality healthcare accessible to them, at a cost they can afford.

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We hope that you’re as excited as we are about our innovative new products and enhanced benefits!

We have all the info here for you, so click and download the brochures with the new 2020 benefits and contributions.

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Cover Unlike Any Other.

At just over 40 years of experience, CompCare is a scheme with a lot to offer.  From chronic cover to cancer care, from tailored plans to wellness benefits – we’ve got it all and more! Choose from nine options, with seven of them having an Efficiency Discounted option, to fit any health and budget need.

Our members are our passion and we love giving them unbeatable personalised healthcare to look after their wellness when they are healthy and to be there for them when they are sick.  Look no further, with some of the most innovative and preventative benefits in the market – covered from the scheme’s risk pool that won’t affect your savings or day-to-day benefits – CompCare is made to fit your individualised healthcare needs at a price you can afford!

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